Add a 20-Pound Lobster to ‘Things TSA Found’

Add a 20-Pound Lobster to 'Things TSA Found'

PHOTO: Someone proved you can travel through an airport with a large lobster. (photo via Flickr/ Jan Beckendorf)

A crustacean stowaway was recently caught red-clawed by TSA.

The Associated Press (via USA Today) reports a 20-pound lobster, (also known as a darn delicious meal), was discovered by agents at Boston’s Logan International Airport on Sunday.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, you can actually transport live lobsters—even the ridiculously huge variety.

The AP explains: “The TSA website says a live lobster is allowed through security but must be transported in a ‘clear, plastic, spill-proof container.’”

If you want to see what a meal that costs the equivalent of college tuition looks like, TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy tweeted out an image for us all to devour.


In the case of the 20-pound lobster, TSA agents found it lurking in a cooler. It’s at that moment, I would have to assume, that they thought long and hard about confiscating the critter to see just how it might go with some lemon and butter. (Hint: Very well.)

As most of you know, travelers leave the house and hotel with the darndest things. That means TSA is renowned for spotting the most ludicrous items by seemingly out of touch travelers who think they can get past security with, say, underwear full of meth.

If you recall, there was also a woman who thought it a brilliant idea to travel through TSA rocking some fine gun-shaped stiletto heels last March.

Last year’s silliest discovered items included a gold grenade and a mummified corpse, both of which make going through the airport with 20-pounds of succulence seem absolutely normal by comparison.

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